RuutiExpo will be held at Helsinki city hall on 3.11.2016 at 9-15.

RuutiExpo brings youth, city’s decision-makers, bureaus, organisations and other operators together. RuutiExpo is about communication – the youth and decision-makers ask, answer and share their own opinions!

In RuutiExpo the youth of Helsinki will get their voices heard, have a change to affect on their hometowns affairs and get to know how one can influence in Helsinki. RuutiExpo introduces multiple versatile ways and methods of influence. The goal is that every young finds their own way of being influential!

In 2016 RuutiExpo will offer the youth interactions, realisations, workshops, problem solving, phenomenon based learing, doing and experiencing. RuutiExpo is also the start of Ruuti core group’s election process and all of the candidates are available to meet at the Expo.

Event is open, free and has unblocked access. Program is intended to youth between 13 and 20 years of age.

RuutiExpo is made by diverse group of operators from city bureaus to non governal organisations.

RuutiExpo is part of participation system for the young people of Helsinki – Ruuti. Ruuti is led by Youth Department and Education Department . It is Helsinki’s way of hearing and encouraging youth towards active citizenship.